Facebook Page Poetry Submissions


We have decided to start publishing single poems on our Facebook page! Send 1 – 3 pieces, previously unpublished, to our team at cajunmuttpress@gmail.com for consideration. Put your name and Poetry Submission in the title of the email. Paste all poems and bios in the body of the email or in docs, we’d prefer if you just copy and paste them into the message, but whatever works for you. And we want the gritty outlaw poetry! Not the squishy stuff! Hell, even send some erotica too if you have it! Twice a week we will pick one poem to publish and notify the poet via email response to their submission. Also, please send a short bio and a photograph of yourself to accompany your piece. Anticipating some excellent reads!

Kind Regards,




This is the Outlaw line-up we have for y’all so far:

Friday 9/14
The Night by Matt Borczon

Wednesday 9/19
A Sensuous Touch by Joanne Olivieri

Friday 9/21
Satan’s Grand Plan by K.W. Peery

Wednesday 9/26
A News Report by Scott Simmons

Friday 9/28
Subjective Noun by J.D. Casey IV

Wednesday 10/3
The Blood of Poets by Milenko Županović

Friday 10/5
Time in the Ground by Ferris Jones

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