Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/27/19

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Leaping Fences

“If this relationship doesn’t work out,
I’m jumping back over the fence.”
That’s what she said, like love and sexuality
were some small thing, easily managed
by a leap from one side to another.
I’ve heard it before, usually from straight women
who have the misguided notion that all
their problems would be solved if only
there was less dick in their lives.
Because all lesbians are Pollyanna,
and dating women is always like a Disney movie.
Trust me, Titty Titty Bang Bang is much
more complicated than that.
I told her that I had only ever been
on one side of the fence. and was happy
there. She said, “I know a lot of people
like that. I don’t mind them at all.”
Oh good, I’m so glad. Don’t mind me,
just over here living drama-free
because I’m penis free, like all my Sapphic sisters.
“I had a girlfriend in high school.”
Well, let me roll out the rainbow carpet.
I’m not a pick a side kind of person.
I know a lot of bisexuals, I don’t mind them.
They know that love is not a novelty,
or something to be flicked like a switch.
Teeter, I like girls today. Totter, I like boys today.
None of this really works that way.
©T.L. Hayes all rights reserved
T. L. Hayes has published three novels with Bold Strokes Books, as well as an erotic short story in their anthology, Escape to Pleasure. She has also had short stories published in anthologies from Sapphire Books. When she’s not writing or editing, she has a day job in education, and spends her time, when not home doing those two things, Amtraking between Chicago and Oklahoma City.

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