Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 04/10/19


An Ounce of Pretension

My poetry is not a Magic Eye
picture, obscuring the image.
It doesn’t hurt your head
or make you squint.
The meaning is right up front for all to see,
instead of hidden behind squiggly lines.

My poetry tells a story
but it rarely rhymes.
I often write full sentences
instead of short lines.

No beret required.
But coffee is essential.
Wearing black is always an option.
I blame the French.
Or, should I blame Americans who
are under the mistaken impression that
to be avant garde, one must
adhere to a dress code and be and write pretentious?

Rules? Poetry doesn’t need your stinking rules.
It goes where it wants to go,
plays how it wants to play,
the Ad…oh wait, that’s something else.
Make poetry your bitch.

*Underneath this poem is a dinosaur, but you losers can’t see it.*

**Snaps pretentiously**

©T. L. Hayes all rights reserved


T. L. Hayes has published three novels with Bold Strokes Books, as well as an erotic short story in their anthology, Escape to Pleasure. She has also had short stories published in anthologies from Sapphire Books. When she’s not writing or editing, she has a day job in education, and spends her time, when not home doing those two things, Amtraking between Chicago and Oklahoma City.

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