Gas Chamber by Ahmad Alkhatat

Now available on Amazon from Cajun Mutt Press, Gas Chamber by Ahmad Alkhatat featuring cover art by Marcel Herms.

This book contains some heavy poetry. Dark realizations and visions stemmed from the conflicts of war, religion, and culture penned in first-hand experiences of the poet. From the first poem, Damaged, to the last poem, I Witnessed My Death…, be prepared to shed some tears and look at yourself differently as a human being. We are all in this together, no matter who or where you hail from, and this book proves that. We feel, we bleed, we live in trying times, and we all need to come together and realize we are one.

Please consider picking yourselves up a copy of this poetic journey through the mind of a truly gifted poet.


“Ahmad Al-khatat, a poet whose writing is influenced by the tragedies of war, passionately searches for normalcy amid the chaos in a country riddled with the atrocities born from the conflicts of warfare. Ahmad desperately holds on to his faith in humanity and the hope found in love as when he writes in One Woman “Her touches relieve my aches for the moments.” It is here, in his belief in love, where the shattered shreds of the soul can be reborn to life that Ahmad’s poetry takes us from the darkness of death to the light of life.”
— Patricia Ann Mayorga, Editor-in-Chief, Poets’ Espresso Review, USA


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