Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/03/19


A Grim Tale

It is said that all fairy tales have
a happily ever after and all the best
fairy tales are about love. But that’s
not true and you know it. You,
more than anyone, know that every
fairy tale has a dark side. That most
of those princes are wolves in sheep’s
clothing and the princesses are just gold
digging bitches who want shiny shoes
and to be constantly told they’re pretty,
while they’re gang banging seven guys
in the woods and falling for cheap tricks
with fruit. It’s always the apples, isn’t it,
that cause a woman’s downfall?
My love for you will live in the
land of make believe, where sugar plums
dance and houses are made of candy.
Where the witch is always waiting
but a little child shall lead them.
All of it a fairy tale, none of it
real. Only the power of belief
can sustain it. It was the power
of belief that made Dorothy’s shoes
work, and it was the power of illusion
and wanting it to be true that made Little Red see
her grandmother, even though she
knew it wasn’t.
©T.L.Hayes all rights reserved
T. L. Hayes has published three novels with Bold Strokes Books, as well as an erotic short story in their anthology, Escape to Pleasure. She has also had short stories published in anthologies from Sapphire Books. When she’s not writing or editing, she has a day job in education, and spends her time, when not home doing those two things, Amtraking between Chicago and Oklahoma City.

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