Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/08/19


as bulbs go

I detest the stress of this mess
and only want what’s best.
But I’m a guest–my
observations are
incorrect and everyone is on the
that we’re friends.
Who instilled this climate
social paranoia in the sad and
disenfranchised rest?
Eyes are meant to shine and vie
for life
always madder for more still,
not dimmer, dulled, and
burnt out as bulbs go.
ŠC.Ward all rights reserved
C. Ward has been writing poetry all her life. She lives in CT with all the cats and is a member of Dark Horse Appalachia: a collective of poets and artists who seek to further encourage the arts in the region and to support Coal River Mountain Watch (which she is honored to be a part of). Her work has been published in Five 2 One: An Art and Literary Journal and currently you can find it on her page on Facebook, O. Monger / C. Ward that she shares with her kindred-poet spirit, Olaf Monger.

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