June 2019 Featured Writers

Another month passed, another month of outstanding poetry and writing ahead! June is upon us, my friends, and as usual, we have an excellent line up of Featured Writers for your reading pleasure in the coming weeks.

We have a couple of books in the works as well, and a few other surprises in store for this summer, so stay tuned for details.

Remember, send all submissions to cajunmuttpress[at]gmail[dot]com!
1-3 poems along with a bio and author photo for Featured Writer spots, and for manuscripts keep in mind that we like to publish books at around 100 pages give or take.

Write On,

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writers, June 2019:

A Big Bitta Fucked
by Heath Brougher

Night Shift
by R.M. Engelhardt

My Pay Day
by Ian Lewis Copestick

If you were naked
by Karen Cline-Tardiff

Am I Joking About all This
by Brian Rihlmann

The Hole
by Matt Borczon

little deaths
by David Estringel

Friendly Giants & Bliss
by Damian Rucci


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