Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 06/28/19


Friendly Giants & Bliss

Sitting on the toilet
smoking a Newport Red
the sun a friendly giant
on this warm June day

this is how happy poems
are born, you know you couldn’t
write a negative thing if you tried

Rebecca is in bed watching TV
I’m watching the sapling
in the yard next door dance
in the breeze

we’re both looking to a world
outside of this one room bungalow

the neighbor’s backyard is a paradise
a clean brick patio
grill against the side of the house
flowering trees smiling in photon bliss

I ash in the sink

one day these days will be memories
one day we’ll’ cut out some paradise
for ourselves

©Damian Rucci all rights reserved


Damian Rucci is a poet whose work has recently appeared in Beatdom, Cultural Weekly, and basements and coffee shops around the nation. He is the author of three chapbooks and Former Lives of Saints (w/ Ezhno Martin). Currently, he is an artist in residence at the Osage Arts Community in Belle, Missouri. He can be reached at

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