Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/05/19


A Day Set With Bone White China

The killing head,
shoulder slumped,
came blowing along
the street, peaceful
as a day set
with white bone
china. This city
wasn’t to his liking.
He had his monkeys
following along.
They followed him
like God’s own
children, wanting
the land of milk
and honey placed
at their feet for
a few words of nothing.
I’ve seen him laugh
only once and that was
when he heard your name
spoken by the postman
who had lost your letter.
It’s true that what
you don’t know
is all that you need
to get a good night’s sleep.
Even with his dead
he sleeps well,
though the bed
is crowded.

Β©John Greiner all rights reserved


John Greiner is a Pushcart Prize nominated writer living in Queens, NY. He was educated at the New School for Social Research. Greiner’s work has appeared in Sand Journal, Empty Mirror, Sensitive Skin, Unarmed, Street Value and numerous other magazines. His chapbooks of poetry include Turnstile Burlesque (Crisis Chronicles Press) and Bodega Roses (Good Cop/Bad Cop Press). His collaborative work with photographer Carrie Crow has appeared at the Tate Liverpool, the Queens Museum and in galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Venice, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg.

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