Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/10/19


Us As Dead Roses

There is an empty
gallon of water
we fashioned into a vase

on the table

within it
a bouquet of dead roses
hang their burgundy pedals
in shame

as if knowing
they didn’t enough
to silence the screaming matches
that season our nights
with broken hearts
and regrets

the vase
and its wilted flowers
on the table
get buried with old take out

we may never see it again

we’re too busy
dying in this one room bungalow
counting spare change
for dollar store burritos
enough gas to get to work
enough grass to numb the hurt

sweet roses
if I buy another bouquet
will you save this relationship

will your blood red bloom
new hope within our chests

will your beauty make us forget
about the money we don’t have
or the jobs we can’t find
or the world we hide away from

but you will be there too
in a jug of water on a messy table
shrouded in darkness
dying while we destroy ourselves

I feel for you

the only time we see light either
is when we’re punching
holes through walls
letting light beams touch
our pale skin

it’s not so bad really

it’s cheaper than a lamp

©Damian Rucci all rights reserved


Damian Rucci is a poet whose work has recently appeared in Beatdom, Cultural Weekly, and basements and coffee shops around the nation. He is the author of three chapbooks and Former Lives of Saints (w/ Ezhno Martin). Currently, he is an artist in residence at the Osage Arts Community in Belle, Missouri. He can be reached at


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