Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/29/19


Shuffling Gumshoe Blues

Dropping my false mustache and glasses
I stop blending into the scenery
I leap from hiding
Four undulating arms
Four sticky gumshoes
perambulating across
Poseidon’s dancing floor
with an agile curious grace
I tip my hat
“Hello, Shweetheart
The jig is up
No one plays me for a sucker!
I have three hearts
Two branchial
One systematic
All on my sleeve for you
You’re magic
All legs
staring at me with those
hypnotic eyes of yours
I’m sick of swimming
through dark alleys
Shaking down every dank crevice
for a chance to grab a fin
I put the “I” in intelligence alright
Solving puzzles
Unraveling mysteries
Mysteries like
“Will the next dive cough up a meal? Or
Is today the day I end up tanked
Or worse, as calamari?
Shuffling off alone
at the end of every day
Only to bonelessly tuck myself away
in some hole in the wall
We deserve better
than illusion, Shweetheart
So let’s wrap our mitts
around the future
Pull it close
Leave behind
anything holding us back
We’ll recoup
any petty losses
Let’s dust!
Be my main squeeze
Come away with me
to a tropical paradise
My hidden garden grotto
Where the sharks
will never loan us a dime
We’ll vanish without a trace
in a puff of smoke
Bend, Dollface
Be flexible, creative
We’ll dine in style
Crab, lobster, eel juice, the works
Choice tidbits for a choice dame
My personal femme fatale”

©Quinn Blackburn all rights reserved


Beloved of one, daughter of two, mother of three, grandmother of eight. It works like that. The more love you give, the more you get. I am hopelessly addicted to the written word. I only wish reading burned more calories. Besides reading and writing, I enjoy many other activities many of which end in “ing” like hand embroidering, painting, cooking, sewing, gardening, canoeing, and my all-time favorite, laughing.

I find endless inspiration and beauty in nature, which is what I most often find myself writing about. The simple quiet moments; sunsets, dew on a spider web, the comfort of our dogs, birdsong, petrichor- that heady scent of warm earth after rain. Love is a many splendored thing indeed.

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