Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 08/02/19



it’s the fifth day Nick has talked about his grass
every morning after work he spends four hours
planting seeds trimming hedges catching sunshine
between deep gulps of Budweiser

every hour that passes in the yard
is tagged with the aluminum crunch
of beers hitting the plastic garbage can

he’s forty-two now
kids all grown wife a prisoner
beside him in a marriage that is more
convenience than anything else

he remembers the weight of his shoulder pads
the screams from the bleachers
beneath the Friday night lights
the way grass gives under cleated foot

he’s forty-two now
another twenty-three years before retirement
til’ he can take his boat out and let his wife
take whatever she wants

sometimes peace comes in a leather ball
a blade of grass a can of beer
a clenched fist

©Damian Rucci all rights reserved


Damian Rucci is a poet whose work has recently appeared in Beatdom, Cultural Weekly, and basements and coffee shops around the nation. He is the author of three chapbooks and Former Lives of Saints (w/ Ezhno Martin). Currently, he is an artist in residence at the Osage Arts Community in Belle, Missouri. He can be reached at

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