Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/09/19



Today a younger man of around 30 felt I cut in line in front of him at Target in East Liberty

He postured huffed and puffed giving me an evil eye while counting his change he decided to go through the self checkout

Determined to beat me to the elevator or escalator as i always take the stairs


Never respond to bravado

even though the guy was younger and more muscled possibly more agile

his anger made him vulnerable

it’s really difficult for me to feel threatened by a man in flip flops on any city street

Walking away from an angry man

Miss my favorite dog
the pen in my pocket is almost out of ink
Difficult to throw away to scale down while surviving lately fodder for the void expresses vastness as I walk up Penn. Ave collecting shadows that have never read my writing

by blood

Lonely mindful ghosts wait for the real world again not this barren landscape of shrinking cultures

©Kevin Martin all rights reserved


Wolfman, Kevin Martin has contributed images and poetry to the Arrival Magazine, the Rye Whiskey Review, the Dope Fiend Daily, Under the Bleachers, the Pangolin Review, Cajun Mutt Press, Winedrunk in Trump Land and recently published Vispo with Alien Buddha Press and Rust Belt Review. Born and raised in North Carolina relocated to Pittsburgh middle of last year. After trading his soul to the Devil, Sir Wolf has last been seen hitchhiking towards Baltimore, Wolf’s first poetry collection My Head Fits Through Your Noose Let Me Swing Awhile is published through Alien Buddha Press released early 2019.

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