Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/11/19


There Are Four Ways The Hands Can Pray

but the heart
only one

i’ve folded my
agnostic body
into so many
different positions
eyes closed
ears knowing
readying myself
to receive god

so sure
that signs
have been
that my
must please

and every time
found myself alone
with only bruised knees
and the ache

if this shape
displeases You
bend me a
better vessel
see me/shape me
just stop
shout one
measure of

why have
us stand upright
when we are
only destined
to be bent
with our hearts
as far from you
as possible?

©Paulie Lipman all rights reserved


Paulie Lipman is a Jewish queer poet, performer, and novelist out of Denver, CO by way of too many damn places. a two-time national poetry slam finalist, their work has appeared in The Emerson Review, voicemail poems, ellipsis, Prisma: Zeitblatt Fur Text & Sprache (Germany) and Protimluv (Czech Republic). videos of their performances have been featured on such YouTube channels as Button Poetry and Write About Now. they are the author of the poetry collection from below/denied the light (Swimming With Elephants, 2018).

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