Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/25/19



The boy prayed for grace
Not Grandma’s Thanksgiving grace, but
absolution so merciful souls are scarred

In soiled sheets—dancing bear Pj’s wet with piss—
the boy hears echoes down the hall
Unclean, unclean

Grandma laments whatever went wrong
The little boy in dancing bear pajamas
now dances with goats

A full birthed Satyr he ruts and
pigswills pagan wine
Cleft hooves paw fire-burned ground

With beastly brethren—unholy kin—
the boy is saved consecrated in sin
Reborn, reborn

©William Teets all rights reserved


William Teets is an author and poet born in Peekskill, New York, who has recently relocated to Waterford, Michigan. He immensely misses New York pizza, the Hudson River, and his beloved Mets. He will write. He will survive. Mr. Teets’ works have been published in the literary journals, Chronogram, The Deadly Writers Patrol, and Art and Life, as well as in numerous anthologies.

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