Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/27/19


a tough day

his best friend
found him hanging
above the bath
in the flat
they shared together
but for the hood
upon his head
cranked on speed
& blue
in speckled translucency
as the fistful of pills
he had swallowed
it was explained
as a tragic accident
an episode
of autoerotic asphyxiation
gone wrong
as now
had his life
in a quest
for the perfect
linked in with
that desperate search
for a repeat
or bettering
of a first
heroin hit
i hope
he found something
in his death throes
for the sake
of his parents
who we met
at the funeral
in essex
& they were surprised
that he had so many
they didn’t know
anything about
from london
stonehenge festival
we were a ragtag
of outsider hippies
& alternatives
but they embraced us
in his memory
as they were
not even realising
how baffled
we were too
when out of the blue
the news came
unlike him
& the priest
muttered shallow words
about a god
none of us
because he couldn’t
the true circumstances
that was a tough day
to get through
but i’m so glad
we all made the effort
for him
& his family.

©Pete Donohue all rights reserved

Pete Donohue - author pic for Cajun Mutt Press

Ireland born and London raised Pete Donohue works in community mental health in amazing Hastings on the Dirty South Coast of a proudly multi-cultural England and preserves his dubious sanity through creative writing, drawing, editing, reviewing and performing poetry and music. His poems and short stories have been published by numerous underground and alternative small presses in the UK and USA. Previous chapbooks are poems for tommy two-guns Analog Submission Press 2018 (two editions SOLD OUT), scream before they kill your poetry Holy&intoxicated Press 2018 (SOLD OUT) and poetry is feathers Analog Submission Press (published August 2019). He is currently working on a full poetry collection and a book of his short stories.

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