Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/30/19


The Coffee Shop

At the farthest corner,
the winding street accommodates
an ancient coffee shop-
where the aroma of the freshly brewed Darjeeling tea
caresses your moist lips
and the robust essence of your concocted lies
ensnares my senses.
The steaming cup of tea,
the never-ending barrage of stories
entwine to form a wreath
of memories: each memory more
lingering, more poignant than
the wisps of smoke rising from your
endless cigarettes.
As you waited for the sugar beads to dissolve,
I stirred my fresh lime soda with a pinch of my burning passion.
The coffee shop ceased to exist when
you and I sipped our beverages together.

©Ria Banerjee all rights reserved


Ria Banerjee is an upcoming poet from Kolkata, India. She holds an M.A in English Literature from Calcutta University and is currently working as a guest lecturer in English at South Calcutta Girls’ College and Prafulla Chandra College ( South City, evening).

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