Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 10/16/19


kathmandu is a sound

kathmandu is a raag; a symphony
some glissando slides
along the mute rivers; now caught
between the mosaics of cement and lime.

a shoegaze, droning non-stop
in the watery shapes of countless
dreams, scattered all along the potholes-

and bamboo scaffolds
carrying the weight of many gods
on their curvilinear knots.

an ache of a sarangi, a lust unfulfilled
a doom metal melody; a merzbow like noise,
kindly teaching us that silence
only happens when we are dead.

*raag-a melodic framework of indian classical music
*sarangi-a traditional folk nepali instrument

when my city becomes a silent movie

a closed glass pane
is what separates me
from the anxieties
criss-crossing the humid
curvature of kathmandu-

on a day when she has cried
her heart out the night before;

on such days, she likes
to cocoon herself inside
the walls of a quiet melancholy-

a sacred flag flutters, while
a little bird seems
to bullet aimlessly through the sir;
a polka dotted sheet on the verandah
across the street
seems to expand like a space-time rupture-

creating a strong sense of ennui;
as if asking me
to become one with the mountains
misted to distant dreams.

buddhahood in the hood

it is a city forever under construction;
a beautiful clusterfuck
that might kill you with her
dusted bones, and her many doors
to the nether-world.
but, the monotony of the sounds
of her incessant
cycle of creation and death,

somehow deconstructs my being-
making me a buddha
for a window of time –

uncaught by the linearity
of our thermodynamic death.

©Sudeep Adhikari all rights reserved


Sudeep Adhikari is a structural engineer/Lecturer from Kathmandu, Nepal. His recent publications were with Beatnik Cowboy, Chiron Review, The Ekphrastic Review, Midnight Lane Boutique, Occulum, Silver Birch Press, Eunoia Review, Utt Poetry and Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis. His poetry book despair is a mandelbrot set has been recently released through Weasel Press. He is also a Pushcart Prize nominee for the year 2018.

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