Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 10/23/19


Dharma Bum

I filled a backpack with stuff
mostly books, plus
a Bowie knife with 8-inch blade
for in case of trouble
whenever I hitchhiked
but I never did have
that much trouble
though got creeped-out
by a bullet-headed guy who,
after he picked me up,
said, “I got a gun under the seat.”
And I said “oh yeah?”
And he said “yeah.”
And I said, “I got a knife in my pack.”
And he did not reply to that
and we drove along
in silence
to the next exit
I asked to get out
even though
I was going

©Wayne F. Burke all rights reserved


Wayne F. Burke’s poetry has appeared in a wide variety of publications online and in print (including Cajun Mutt Press). He has published six full-length poetry collections, most recently DIFLUCAN (BareBack press, 2019). He lives in the Great Mountain State, aka, Vermont (USA).

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