Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/06/19


Living on fingertips

Finger is made of wonderful metal and wood
not funny and fancy
just too phenomenal

too straight you can’t easily machinate

a finger is clearly a hard nut
attuned to horrific knots
just too openly naughty
not to be so deeply trapped as a

a finger has a face
another glottal drone
synaptic symphony of rampant lilt
a fucking hard rumble, listen,
a finger can say all those stuffs
why to catch the finicky cue sticks?
why to press the button? why shoving through a
why to travel into succulent fires?
why so every time
removing the coins plunged under soluble skins?
why you tell me to hold all the whitecollar jabs?

©Jayanta Bhaumik all rights reserved


Jayanta Bhaumik is currently based in Kolkata, India. Basically from the field of Metaphysics and Astrology (a Research Member of American Federation of Astrologers Inc.), he finds Poetry as his world of Passion and Quest. He spends a period in Singapore and other south-east Asian countries every year for his professional assignments. His works can be found in the recent issues of Poetry Super Highway, Zombie Logic Review, Merak Magazine, The Pangolin Review, Pif Magazine, Better Than Starbucks. His Twitter handle is @BhaumikJayanta.

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