Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/08/19


Do Not Tame Yourself

Do not tame yourself
You are wildflowers
The full moon
You are ancient
And every new beginning
Do not tame yourself
My love
For you are the sequoias
Vast oceans
Reside in you
Do not tame yourself
You are constellations
Cells inscribed with ancient code
You are the map
Leading yourself home
To the treasure that lives
Within your soul
Do not tame yourself

Β©Rani Whitehead all rights reserved


Rani Whitehead is the founder and owner of Radiant Alchemy, a hub for β€œLiberating Your Magic”. As the sole practitioner of Radiant Alchemy, she combines her many life experiences through abuse, addiction and trauma with her skills as a Certified Intuitive Life and Spiritual Coach, Reiki Healer, Empath, writer and photographer to create a magical portal for you to step compassionately into your deepest healing, allowing you to discover your most authentic self and liberate your magic.
Facebook @radiantalchemy444
Instagram @radiant_alchemy

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