Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/15/19

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P o e t s

Steinman from Gross Point, Michigan
told everyone who asked that
he was from Detroit;
Mahoney from a housing project
South Boston
made sure everyone he met
knew it;
me a farm boy from the corner
of NW Massachusetts
(and embarrassed by the fact)
we smoked a joint as
we waited for the #10 bus
the streetlights of Boston
cans of Budweiser beer in our pockets–
Mahoney was deaf in one ear
and talked loud enough for everyone on the
bus to hear,
but did not care;
he was a loudmouth worth listening to
said things worth hearing
“write about what you know about”
“a bad childhood is relevant”
whenever I asked him to read poems
I wrote
he made two piles–
good, less good
one day he said “big improvement”
and I felt as if I’d won a prestigious award…
Steinman wrote without use of
between words the
white spaces
he lived
in pauses,
large and vacant,
like the lawns of
Grosse Pointe.

©Wayne F. Burke all rights reserved


Wayne F. Burke’s poetry has appeared in a wide variety of publications online and in print (including Cajun Mutt Press). He has published six full-length poetry collections, most recently DIFLUCAN (BareBack press, 2019). He lives in the Great Mountain State, aka, Vermont (USA).

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