Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/18/19



Perhaps you’ll be like a Jupiter of the ocean
A great whale singing in the deep
Or like a seal, soft, sleek and whiskey
And if you are a Selkie
Then you will have a little belly
And if you are Phoenix
Then even if they grind you to powder
You will be like potassium
Ready to spring back into flame
You will always change
Never quite the same
Keep your foxy ways shapeshifter
This is what your life force is
You weren’t quite meant for the everyday world
And you can laugh at anyone who mutters names for you
Because you have no name and all names
And that’s what keeps you sane.

©Laura Moverin all rights reserved


Laura is a Brisbane based artist and poet. She is part of the MSM writers group. Laura came to Australia from Africa as a child. She currently works with children. Her loves include animals, art, children and the environment.

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