Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 12/06/19



Since Daddy went to prison
Things just ain’t been the same
Too many drug deals caught up
Long time ‘fore we see him again
For a while Momma and Grandpaw
Took care of me and my sister
’till Momma got pregnant with Grandpaw’s kid
An’ my inbred brother came into the picture
Since Daddy done been gone so long
Momma found her a new boyfriend, John Thomas
He liked to check my panties to make sure they were clean
And look in all my holes for stuff he wanted to see
Momma worshipped her new found man
Like Jesus done returned
She wore more blue eye makeup
One of the many tricks she learned
She hid his hits with sunglasses
Cigarette burns on eyelids
Singed her long lashes
He watched everything she did
She cooked and cleaned but it was never enough
John Thomas always wanted what she didn’t give
Momma tried to make him happy everything she did
But he just made her feel like she didn’t wanna live
At night when Momma finished her wine
Started snoring watching the T.V.
I pretended to sleep deep
When John Thomas came to see me
He would make his fingers disappear
In the caverns of my body
He said, “That’s where the good juice is”
As he stuck his tongue inside me
The years flew by with Daddy in the pen
Momma got so angry, abused, and depressed
She found it hard to get up and get dressed
The pills she took left her a sloppy mess
Took care of my younger sis and cousins
John Thomas used my lil baby brother
As his favorite moving target
Hittin’ the boy every day, one right after another
Except one day he hit him too hard
Brother started shakin’
Teeth chatterin’ eyes buggin’ out
I couldn’t get him to waken
John Thomas didn’t care
But he musta been pretty worried
‘cuz he dumped the boy in the river
After cutting him to pieces in a hurry
Then John took my mom and sis
Guess he forgot about me
Put a bullet under each of their chins
Blows his own brains out finishing the evil deed
Now Daddy’s lil girl is all growed up
Found myself my very own man
That likes to bruise my thighs and black my eyes
I just wanna make him happy as I can

©Kelly Glover all rights reserved


Kelly Glover is a single mother and supreme leader of three kids, two cats, and one mouth with a little too much to say. Her first two poetry books, “The Light of My Dark” and “Serenity Savage” are now available on Amazon, and Kelly’s work can be found in various online journals and international anthologies. You can follow her writing journey @serenitysavagewrites on Instagram.

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