Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 12/11/19



With his cool posters
of pop culture icons,
and his inspirational sayings
framed in black and white,
the message is clear:
You can do it,
whatever it is,
no matter how large
the obstacle,
you can move it.

But that’s not what he says.
He says,
You should try to fit in.
You shouldn’t always trust
what your dreams are telling you.
Sometimes the world
has another plan,
a plan that requires you
to keep low,
stay quiet,

At home,
it’s as if your parents
don’t even see you.
You move about the house
like afternoon shadows on the wall.
In school, assignments
are passed around the classroom,
sometimes stopping
just before reaching your desk.
You return to the guidance counselor
and say, Now what?
He says: Wait.

Months go by,
and because you’re invisible
you can see everything.
All the pain,
all the suffering in the world,
all the ignorance,
the intolerance,
the indifference–
all of it blurs into
one meaningless mess.

Until one day,
sitting in his office,
you wonder,
Am I really real?
Would it matter if I lived or died?
He smiles and tells you
it’s all part of the plan.
He hands you a list
of names and room numbers,
a time and a date,
then he says,
be all that you can be.

And something clicks.
It’s like nothing
you’ve ever felt.
You take the list
and shove it into your pocket,
and it feels heavy and right.
You leave the office
no longer afraid,
no longer confused.
You can move mountains,
you can change the world.
They won’t even see you coming.

©Kurt Newton all rights reserved

KurtN FW

Kurt Newton’s poetry has appeared in Horror Sleaze Trash, In Between Hangovers and Alien Buddha Zine. His latest poetry collection, Nazi Swastika Bikini Wax Illuminati, was published in August by Alien Buddha Press.

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