Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 12/16/19


The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim’s consternation
belied his contemplation
or the assumption thereof his intention;
the holiness long gone for the day –
His prayers out loud and in volume
would serve, he hoped, to refill his stores
of piety to draw on –
of grace.
Standing on top of the mountain
on the Way to Santiago
feet bruised top and bottom
suffering in his search
for peace.
The way ahead, alone and hungry,
no task for the weak-hearted
reeling with dizziness, but at least
had water.
Seeking the cleansing of his soul
flush with a lifetime of meanness;
pain he caused others
lingered still.

How could he make amends to those he had offended?

©John Goodie all rights reserved


John Goodie is a recovering programmer/analyst who found an affinity for words and began writing poems and short stories, returning to college for an English Degree and Tesol certificate to teach English to refugees and immigrants of the USA and the children and people of Spain. Now he seeks his master’s degree in English with a concentration in Multicultural and Transnational Literature.

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