Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/03/20



When you enter
Gonad’s flat
thru the garage
on Sandon Point
you will be confronted
by a life-sized colour
cardboard cut-out of the dude
in the nude-

long shaggy surfy hair
massive freckled torso
front row forward thighs
thick wad.

When you slide open
the garage door
there he is- in cardboard
to greet you.

‘No one ever needs to undress me
with their eyes,’ he smirks,
emerging from his bedroom
in his jocks.


A fortnight ago
some uppity French photographer
somehow convinced over 5000 Sydneysiders
to pose in the raw
on the steps
of the Opera House at 6 AM.

It was a particularly cold morning
the papers showed
closely hugging souls.

‘You go?’ I ask.

‘No way, too many perverts.’

Gonad adds interestingly:

‘Mate, I went there the next day alone-
I stripped off my gear
& folded it neatly in a pile.
A security guard comes over
cautions me. I explain to the
neckless bloke: ‘This is for Art, man.
The photographer will be here any minute.’

He strolls around the Opera House
a few times
but no one seems to notice
or care.

‘After lunch’, he says,
‘I put my shit back on
& caught the South Coast train

©George Anderson all rights reserved

George Anderson

George Anderson lives in Wollongong, Australia and is a long term blogger on BOLD MONKEY. He has published extensively in the small press, including most recently in Rusty Truck, The Rye Whiskey Review, Beatnik Cowboy, The Scum Gentry, The Raw Art Review and other fine magazines. His latest chapbook Fuckwits & Angels (2019) was unleashed by Holy & Intoxicated Publications, U.K.

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