Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/20/20


What’s in a Dream

In the eyes of a dream
Everything is strange
But possible
Beyond possible

Breaking bondages
Of hidden inhibitions
Expanding horizons
Of imaginations
Beyond horizons

You break
What you are,
And was,
Into someone
You’ve never been

And you hear the voices
See the foggy faces
Of someone you know,
Knew or just invented

How can we be
Someone who
Never was
Quite likely,

Be in places we
Never been, like
There, by that house
With only one known
Window. The rest, all
Creations of who we
Never was and likely
Will never be

Like, stairs
Going up and up and
You look down but
There’s no down
Only up. Up to somewhere
I’ve never been but
Somehow will be

And I want to climb
Up, up, evermore
Into the Unknowns
Of who I am
Was and possibly will be

Should I stop right now
Before I fall off this chair
Dreaming wide awake
On my lunch break?

Β©Manny Silveira all rights reserved


Manny Silveira is an amateur poet, never published, and a refinisher by trade. English is his second language which he had to learn from scratch at 24.

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