Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 01/27/20


2 Flew To New York City

We flew like birds into NYC
By way of Chicago
With not a worry in the world
Other than our next
Meal, like
Those pigeons we saw
When we
Landed in Manhattan, then

Our wings across Times Square to Central Park
West & Columbus Circle, all the way down
To Ground Zero, and Chinatown —
Right below Little Italy
& Soho directly west
Of Manhattan’s
Lower East
Side, not
Too far
From the Brooklyn Bridge as it
Looms over East River – to wind up in Strand
With its 18 miles of books
Right in the heart and soul of Union Square.

Needless to say
Old New York
Its imprint
On the bottoms
Of our soles. & now
By way of the ATL
Like new bohemians
On a wanderlust
For stardust, we must

Find our way back home.

©Michael David Saunders Hall all rights reserved


Michael David Saunders Hall is an up and coming, yet seasoned, poet. He is an imagineer of loose leaf poetry, propelled by pyrotechnic poetics and versed in the alchemy of prosody, painting songbooks of the muses on the lines and spaces in between with his E.A.R.S. @ P.E.A.C.E. (or Extemperaneous Amalgamations of Rhythm and Sound manifested in Poetic Exploration As Conscious Evolution). For him, writing is truly the balance of delicious agony and suite ecstasy, always revealing itself as both the process and the product of catharsis. In the past, his poetry has appeared in the following:
AIM, The Alchemist Review, The Alembic, Black Thought, Drumvoices Revue, Little America, Native Tongue, Owen Wister Review, Patchwork: Images of Illinois, The Shades of Soul Literary Review, Xavier Review, and Zuzu’s Petals Quarterly Online.
In 2014, his work appeared in Coffee Shop Poems, Control Literary Magazine, and ALTPOETICS; in 2015, in Poets of G+ Quarterly; in 2017, in Burnt Hamster Minestrone; and most recently in 2018, in The Pangolin Review and in Ink Sac of Cephalopress.

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