Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/04/20

Through the Dryer Hole (circa 1986)

He wore shaving creme,
About his genitals,
Running screaming through
The streets
Down to the bar.
Started Wounded Knee.
“Careful. He’s gonna puke.”
“He won’t puke.”
“He always pukes when he does shots.”
Pukes. Spurts a dollop. Arcs
Majestically. Barfs copiously
In his hand.
Damn God.
Tells you it’s his name
Spelled backward.
Head through the dryer
Hole, poking into the
Laundry slash bathroom.
No dryer.
Laura, peeing.
Laura, Michelob bottle in
Head, just a head, grinning
Bald head, poking through the
Dryer hole into the laundry
Slash bathroom
“Heeerre’s Johnny!”
Laura, caught watching herself
Drink beer in the mirror, peeing,
The bottle.
Michelob bottle collides with
Bald head flesh poking into the
Laundry slash bathroom through
The dryer hole.
Johnny’s got a headache.
And the girls down the
Hall are stripping,
Comparing breast and
Nipple sizes, awaiting the
Next suicide.

©2020 Randall Rogers All rights reserved.


Randall is fifty-eight. He lives full of writing joy. He is one of those writers that likes writing more than having written. Or so he says here. He has currently switched from trying to write poetry to trying to write short stories. For he can only try. Like the little choo-choo. Long live the short stories! That’s him on the left.

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