Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/06/20

even a picked scab will eventually heal

it used to be
i could sit in a quiet space,
or a crazy space,
or any space, really,
& write a poem;

i had a constant voice,
like tinnitus,
like hepatitis,
humming continuous,
eager & ready & available;

but one day
i awoke
to silence;
the voice had left me,
alone & sober;

now i find myself

some days writing
is a chore, but not a challenge;
the vein is still deep
in the rock, but it
costs more
to dig the vein,
silver & gold;

the past remains filled
w/ghosts but even a picked
scab will eventually heal;

©2020 Jck Hnry All rights reserved.

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 5.36.35 PM

Jack Henry is a California based poet hiding out in the high desert. After a ten-year hiatus from writing, Jack has returned and has recently been published in Winamop, Red Fez, Dope Fiend Daily, Bold Monkey, Horror Sleaze Trash, Rusty Truck, Smoking Typewriter, Raven Cage, Poetic Diversity, Fearless (upcoming), Dissident Voice (Upcoming), and Misfits Magazine (Upcoming). There are several chapbooks and two full-length books, With The Patience of Monuments (NeoPoesis Press) and Crunked (Epic Rites), and there is that Heroin Love Songs journal he produces from time to time.

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