Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/23/20


I stand swaying
as dusk creeps
around Earth’s limbs
like the scent of fog
the web left me
the night left me
with stars
to long for morning
brings thirst
the dewdrop feeds
the beetle
the rain then feeds
the fields
my teardrops feed
the flower inside
we are about to bloom
the grey passes
like a slug
on the window
of my room
makes way for blue
red and yellow
how the sun
through vines
of knowing
how the cool night air
reminds us of home
how darkness asks us
to turn toward
again and again

©2020 Jenny Bell All rights reserved.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 5.03.02 PM

Jenny Bell is a poet, seeker, and artist. She began writing poetry as a young motherless girl to make meaning of things and express herself. Formerly a stonemason, she spent 2 decades building unique stone projects across Kentucky and Florida. She is a meditation teacher and guide with her primary focus being compassion. She is deeply rooted in the contemplative arts, facilitating stone balancing and zen calligraphy workshops. She is an avid haiku writer as well. She currently lives on and manages a horse farm with her husband and their menagerie of critters just outside Louisville Kentucky.

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