Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/25/20

Winter Words in Soundless Ears

I write love letters that you will never read
I scrawl words you cannot feel…
Displaced and ancient;
I tear out my voice again
Spreading notes for endless hours
Making poetry that never flowers.
Carving hearts into husks;
Peeling back the oak from my wants
An echo away from memory,
Sinking into the sofa
Held dreams of not living…
Emptiness is a lie;
For music burns inside,
Missing home; stage & mic
Surrounded by all inside
Leering with watchful eye
We explode into a pantheon of rhythm
Controlling the flow
Of the ever-moving wind.
Blurred and hidden,
A star screams with this sentence;
Death by Music! Take No Prisoners!
Crashing gallows by ghastly pen
With winter words, in soundless ears.

©2020 Frogg Corpse All rights reserved.

Frogg Corpse Photo

Frogg Corpse is an author, actor, vocalist, and poet from Louisville, Kentucky. Frogg recently published a guest blog for 48 Hour Books on the importance of documenting dreams to improve writing. In 1999 Frogg Corpse was one of the youngest poets and members at that time in the International Society of Poets. In 2011 Frogg Corpse wrote a memoir titled: The Mourning Hour which in 2012 was showcased at the London Book Fair. Also in 2012 Frogg Corpse worked as a haunt actor for Waverly Hills Sanatoriums’ haunted house. Frogg also auditioned for season 12 of American Idol in Chicago. In 2013 Frogg Corpse served as a background actor for Magician Criss Angel’s Spike TV show BeLIEve while living in Las Vegas and also was cast in a supporting role for the film Las Vegas Story featuring Eric Roberts. Also in 2013 Frogg Corpse Auditioned for NBC’s The Voice twice in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles. Currently, Frogg has a poetry book coming out soon called: “A Quick Guide to Suicide: Poetry to die by” with dark artwork by artist Vitaly Illyn also known as Barandash Karandashich of Russia. Copies of Frogg’s book The Mourning Hour are owned by MTV Jackass Star Stephen “Steve-O” Glover and comedian Jim Jefferies.

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