Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/27/20


I wonder Where I left my Glasses?
They were Here a minute Ago,
Or was it Two Centuries?
Visions have Intervened
Tiny head Trips
All sparkling and Shining
With the Truths of Consciousness,
Freudian Field Trips for
Some conventionally Motivated Shrink
Who stares at Me through
A Telescope.

©2020 David Milton All rights reserved.


David Milton has lived in Utah, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, and Germany. He has worked as a Slop Boy, gas station attendant, Security Guard, psychiatric technician (nurse), administrator, Forensic Specialist in a large Urban county jail, and even as the Tie Salesman that Ferlinghetti jokes about in his poem Autobiography. David now Works full time on his Writing.
His first Real Contact with a living Poetry Scene took place at the Venice Poetry Workshop of the Beyond Baroque Center in Los Angeles where he was a member and Outsider for 3 years. He has long been associated with the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange led by Michael Wurster.
His work is often Described as Visionary and he has been not-so-widely Published in weekly newspapers and Environmental and Literary Journals, among them The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Ouija Madness, Environment, Pig Iron, Psychopoetica (Hull England), and Not Man Apart. He appeared Orally on Phone-A-Poem of Cambridge, mass. He has Performed numerous Readings in Pittsburgh, California, and West Virginia. He is The Author of five books of Poetry. Some of his previous Published Work (as well as some First Appearances) can be found on The Idiotic and Feeble Minded Poets Facebook page curated by Vincent Zepp.

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