Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 04/16/20


To be a Tesla
In a race full of matchbox cars
The appeal of the super-rich
Draws the traffic through the streets

Every girl caught speeding
Too fast
Finds her punishment
Too slow

Plucked from the junkyards of the world
The newest shiniest models
Rode for miles
Until the gas tank runs dry

Drag races right under our noses
No one can hear the muffled cries
Of a child prostitute

The alarms keep going off
But the chauffeurs
Continue to bypass the tolls

Each fleet of fresh vehicles
Test-driven for durability
A used car salesman’s dream

Promises of chrome rims
And three-car garages
Pulled from poverty
Coaxed by a limo ride

Thrown under the bus
When they get too many miles
Disposable girls
At the convenience of men

©2020 Kelly Glover All rights reserved.


Kelly Glover is a single mother and supreme leader of three kids, two cats, and one mouth with a little too much to say. Her first two poetry books, “The Light of My Dark” and “Serenity Savage” are now available on Amazon, and Kelly’s work can be found in various online journals and international anthologies. You can follow her writing journey @serenitysavagewrites on Instagram.

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