Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 05/11/20

Sea Sense

The sea and its sense
Of cleanliness-
Maidless it sweeps
Its doorstep.

The sea and its sense
Of seasoning
Fridgeless it preserves
With the salt of its kitchen.

The sea and its sense
Of songs-
Cordless it sings
In a lipless language.

The sea and its sense
Of democracy-
Thumbless it vouches
For what belongs therein.

So sweep and never tier,
Hold and never molder,
Sing and never wing,
Long for what belongs!

©2020 Fareed Agyakwah All rights reserved.


Fareed Agyakwah- is an African poet committed to PESTEL (Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) poems and artistic activism. Both poems reflect on Africa’s natural past- even healing the African way. While the former reflects on his childhood experience, the latter draws a link between nature and religion. His work has appeared in several magazines, journals, e-zines and anthologies such as Cajun Mutt Press, Setu Bilingual, The First Anthology of World Gogyoshi, Nationalism (Africa VS North America) Vol.2, Versatile Verses, Peace: A Pathway to Love and Harmony, The Harmony: Indo- African Footprints, Wreaths for a Wayfarer, Cascade and Sunup.

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