Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 06/19/20

Kimchi Bombs

All clogged up with potatoes.
No incentives, then nothing moves.
Light kimchi bombs and down the hatch.
Here comes good old Liquid Plumber.
Hello there, Mrs. Brownflower, are you well?
Not the sign hoped for from God.


Art Act

Who owns a hiccup that might resell?
Can he fit it inside a frame?
What about the gallant sneeze
that makes its mark in galleries?
Now I wipe a wet booger on you
call that brave act instant art.


In the Service

How the schlong tends to service!
It can work as hair curler.
It can measure the depths of holes.
It needs no special handling.
Senator, pin a medal on that damn thing.
It’s a soldier with strict will.


Kangaroo Son

A kangaroo becomes my son.
People say he’s a bushman.
He wraps his hooves around my waist
and calls me his only sweetheart.
What the hell! Whose dream did I hijack here?
I’m not into bestial shags.


Nostril Fetish

She is taken with my nostrils.
They are stretched from sneaky fingers.
She wants to stick her man-clit there.
I’m really just a hole to her.
Why can’t she love me for who I am?
A guy who picks his boogers.


Fix It

Ah, Confucius, tell me one thing.
Why value group harmony?
What if members praise the stupid?
What if they’re vile or lack ideals?
Critique away. One should assume it’s always broken.
Raise the voice to fix it today.


©2020 Tim Kahl All rights reserved.


Tim Kahl is the author of Possessing Yourself (CW Books, 2009), The Century of Travel (CW Books, 2012) The String of Islands (Dink, 2015) and Omnishambles (Bald Trickster, 2019). His work has been published in Prairie Schooner, Drunken Boat, Mad Hatters’ Review, Indiana Review, Metazen, Ninth Letter, Sein und Werden, Notre Dame Review, The Really System, Konundrum Engine Literary Magazine, The Journal, The Volta, Parthenon West Review, Caliban and many other journals in the U.S. He is also editor of Clade Song. He is the vice president and events coordinator of The Sacramento Poetry Center. He also has a public installation in Sacramento {In Scarcity We Bare The Teeth}. He plays flutes, guitars, ukuleles, charangos, and cavaquinhos. He currently teaches at California State University, Sacramento, where he sings lieder while walking on campus between classes.

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