Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 06/22/20


Appertaining rage
directed at deaf athletes
is rattling my peace.

Waking my children.
Sucking out solace from rest.
Jerks quiet reading.

Caterwauls bestrew
commentator monotones,
jolts me from my book.

Tedious spouting
demands manic-eyed focus.

Littering, fruitless,
nugatory squawks nettle;
screen’s heedless of grunts.

Irking, tawdry squalls
magnify impervious,
unmoved TV set.

No warriors here.
just paltry, impotent bays,
vexed to distraction.

©2020 Sarra Culleno All rights reserved.


London born but Manchester-based, Sarra Culleno is a poet, mother of two, and English teacher who performs at open mic poetry events and slams across the UK. She writes about children’s rights, motherhood, identity, gender, age, technology, the environment, politics, modern monogamy, and education. Sarra is widely published, and was longlisted for the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize. She co-hosts Write Out Loud at Waterside Arts, and has been a guest poet at numerous literary festivals.

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