Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 06/24/20

The Rain at Gambian Bridge

I have come to behold you
and sing of your dazzling waterness

just at the point of the meeting
of the Gambian and Atlantic
the watery ripples slowly,
luxuriously, embracing each other
and the refreshing coolness of night
and we the witnesses place our presences

the gathering cloud of storms
stormclouds and calls for rain
around the sunโ€™s grilling heat
as we the witnesses watch for a porch

quick as an eyewink
flashes everywhere as
suspended twinkling of angry stars
then water poured on waters
breaking in natureโ€™s rhythm
with a slow sudden shock serene
as we speak

and we the witnesses take
the pleasure of the coconut trees
for shelter.

ยฉ2020 Obinna Chilekezi All rights reserved.


Obinna Chilekezi is a Nigerian poet and insurance practitioner whose poems have been published in journals and anthologies. He has three published collections which are: Son Chikeziri too died, rejection and other poems, and Songs of a Stranger in the Smiling Coast. One of his insurance texts won the 2016 African Insurance Organisation Book Award. He can be reached at or

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