Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/01/20


If you’ve ever felt
The blunt blades of hunger
Fell tinted trees in your tummy,
You’d till the hills.

If you’ve ever seen hunger
Rough-ride you to that land
Where one’s own spit turns salty
You’d man the land.

If you’ve ever heard
Intestinal cockerels crow
For food down their hurt,
You’d love your job.

I too have felt
Its blunt blades in my tummy,
Its sharp spin in my eyes.
These bones are lonesome

Searching for flesh to cuddle?
Lazy limpet, why should you;
Why should I burry my strength
For hunger to hung me up?

©2020 Fareed Agyakwah All rights reserved.


Fareed Agyakwah- is an African poet committed to PESTEL (Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) poems and artistic activism. Both poems reflect on Africa’s natural past- even healing the African way. While the former reflects on his childhood experience, the latter draws a link between nature and religion. His work has appeared in several magazines, journals, e-zines and anthologies such as Cajun Mutt Press, Setu Bilingual, The First Anthology of World Gogyoshi, Nationalism (Africa VS North America) Vol.2, Versatile Verses, Peace: A Pathway to Love and Harmony, The Harmony: Indo- African Footprints, Wreaths for a Wayfarer, Cascade and Sunup.

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