Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/03/20


One day it’s my 33-year-old cousin found dead in bed from an overdose; another day, it’s high school seniors raising their arms in the Nazi salute for a yearbook photo; another, it’s government protesters washing with bottles of Coke to help minimize the sting of tear gas. No place seems any realer than any other. A man in Warrenton, Missouri, films himself licking deodorant sticks at a Walmart and asking, “Who’s scared of coronavirus now?” Very soon Jesus, looking extremely sharp in a dark gray funeral suit, could be handing out tickets to heaven behind the KFC.

©2020 Howie Good All rights reserved.


Howie Good is the author most recently of Stick Figure Opera: 99 100-word Prose Poems from Cajun Mutt Press. He co-edits the journals Unbroken and UnLost.

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