Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 08/14/20

Lady Luck

I’ve met the strong ones,
Who you could hold and grasp,
Just not too tightly.
I’ve met the wrong ones,
Their intellect looking like a mind fuck,
And their breath reeking of bad decisions.
I’ve met the smart ones,
But they don’t dare color outside the dark sharpie lines,
When it comes to the rules of life.
I’ve met the pretty ones,
Who shine so bright,
You tend to lose yourself,
Within their radiant sparkle.
I’ve met the lucky ones.
The ones who have it all, with not a care in the world,
Cleverness seeping out of their pores,
And all is right.
It took me a lifetime to realize that,
I, too, possess all of this.
Some days I tend to doubt the figures in the mirror,
The cloudiness of insecurity like cataracts,
Proceed my judgement.
But no more.
Today I am strong, wrong, smart, pretty,
And considering all of this:

©2020 Rebecca Hartz All rights reserved.

Rebecca Hartz lives in St. Peters, PA, with her son Bryce and her cat Cookies. She is currently a full-time senior majoring in English and minoring in Deaf Studies at West Chester University. Rebecca values communication of all sorts, especially written word. Her hobbies are poetry, reading, fishing, and longboarding. After she earns her degree she hopes to enter the field of copyright and media publishing.

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