Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 08/21/20

Survival of the Fittest

My mother did not eat me
At birth
She did not wrestle me
To the ground
Muffle my cry
Or silence my breath
She let me live
She did not give
Me away
Or sell me to gypsies
She decided
That I could stay
On Earth
Just not
With her

©2020 Jenny Bell All rights reserved.

Jenny Bell is a poet, seeker, and artist. She began writing poetry as a young motherless girl to make meaning of things and express herself. Formerly a stonemason, she spent 2 decades building unique stone projects across Kentucky and Florida. She is a meditation teacher and guide with her primary focus being compassion. She is an avid haiku writer as well. She currently lives on and manages a horse farm with her husband and their menagerie of critters just outside Louisville Kentucky.

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