Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 09/21/20


I remember
decades ago
walking on
hot Texas
that baked
in the sun
all day
from breakfast
to Dairy Queen
I guess it
was a lot
like firewalking
but I just
called it
going barefoot
and being too
lazy to grab
the flip-flops
I remember
taking a big
breath and
then came the
sizzling sound
of your flesh
melting until
you could
to the not- as -hot grass
What kind of
Yankee sissy
wore shoes
to the swimming pool?
This wasn’t about
getting that
old time
But I bet God
knew which of
us was toughest

©2020 Melanie Browne All rights reserved.

Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas. Her work can be found at Pulp Metal Magazine, Midnight Lane Boutique and other online journals.

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