Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 10/21/20

The Zero Moment

A phone call made in the
middle of the night is like

melting ice. It lies useless
on the floor, except for that

one small step,
not mankind’s but in a

country kitchen with
wormhole cabinets, slate floors,

automatic coffee pots
with red LED lights that

blink just a little when the lights flicker.

©2020 L.B. Sedlacek All rights reserved.

L.B. Sedlacek has had poetry and fiction appear in different journals and zines. Her first short story collection came out on Leap Day 2020 entitled Four Thieves of Vinegar published by Alien Buddha Press. Her latest poetry books are The Poet Next Door (Cyberwit), The Adventures of Stick People on Cars (Alien Buddha Press), The Architect of French Fries (Presa Press) and Words and Bones (Finishing Line Press.) She is a former Poetry Editor for “ESC! Magazine” and co-hosted the podcast “Coffee House to Go.” LB also enjoys swimming, reading, and playing ukulele.

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