Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 10/26/20

the contract

no, I didn’t read every word
I didn’t have the time or the patience
but I skimmed
I read the bullet points
the Cliffs Notes
I got the gist
I should have known
there were things I overlooked
exceptions and provisions
small things written in fine print
whose importance didn’t become fully realized
until it was too late
but it’s okay
I’ve lived a good life
a life of striving and honing
a life of gleaming potential
some might say I fell short
I worked hard
but not as hard as I could have
to transform that potential
into something solid
something substantial
but it’s okay
I have a lot to show
for the work I did put in
even if I could have done more
left more of me behind
for those who might one day look up
and notice me gone
like I said, it’s okay
I accept the conditions
a contract is a contract,
I should have known what I was getting into
and now getting out of
just tell me where to sign

©2020 Kurt Newton All rights reserved.

Kurt Newton’s poetry has appeared in Horror Sleaze Trash, In Between Hangovers and Alien Buddha Zine. His latest poetry collection, Nazi Swastika Bikini Wax Illuminati, was published in August of 2019 by Alien Buddha Press.

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