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Tombstone Run

Sitting on a misted street
With frigid wind
And soaking leaves,

The years I’ve roamed
the nights I’ve played,
Hide -n- Seek:
In shallow graves

The years draw on;
In this chilling calm,
Where all is dead
And no one’s home

With pumpkins lit
Will these wicks still hold?

To keep us from the frozen ghosts. . .

Are we safe and sound,
Tucked in at home?

On a night all-souls, conjure theirs. . .

We’ll see to the mischief
While we make our own,
As I think of a place,
For the resting bones.

Imaginary Friends

I will tell you in the dark
That my family,
Is now dead and gone,
No more home
No more wrong,
No more place
To keep running from;
Now I’ve found, in my head,
All my friends
Come out to play;
Without eyes
Without face,
I Let them dance
I watch them rave;
As orbs shine on
Their crooked spines,
They twitch and smile;
Ebon skin
Grayed & peeled,
Shedding all
With every spin,
In their silence
Losing dress;
They breathe so softly
On nape of neck.

Waiting for Halloween

At night I write
Till the morning comes
Waiting for Autumn
Hoping Summer’s done.
Regretting Winter
Hating Spring,
Dreaming Fall,
As my everything.
Light the candles
In lantern frowns,
Your loving face,
I’m carving now.
Raise a toast,
Welcome ghosts,
Open doors,
To floating orbs.
Let them in
As a chill of wind
Greeting past
As a friend.
See the face
I left in flame
Dreaming you,
How faint your name.
Yell aloud;
In thunder now,
It rains for you
When I’m calling out.
Pictures perfect
Pumpkins chosen,
Rather rest in peace
Than to never know when;
You’re coming back
Guessing days,
I light the wick
So you’ll find the way.
Lost my life
Lost my home
Waiting for:
Orange, red, and gold.

©2020 Frogg Corpse All rights reserved.

Frogg Corpse is an author, actor, vocalist, and poet from Louisville, Kentucky. Frogg recently published a guest blog for 48 Hour Books on the importance of documenting dreams to improve writing. In 1999 Frogg Corpse was one of the youngest poets and members at that time in the International Society of Poets. In 2011 Frogg Corpse wrote a memoir titled: The Mourning Hour which in 2012 was showcased at the London Book Fair. Also in 2012 Frogg Corpse worked as a haunt actor for Waverly Hills Sanatoriums’ haunted house. Frogg also auditioned for season 12 of American Idol in Chicago. In 2013 Frogg Corpse served as a background actor for Magician Criss Angel’s Spike TV show BeLIEve while living in Las Vegas and also was cast in a supporting role for the film Las Vegas Story featuring Eric Roberts. Also in 2013 Frogg Corpse Auditioned for NBC’s The Voice twice in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles. Currently, Frogg has a poetry book coming out soon called: “A Quick Guide to Suicide: Poetry to die by” with dark artwork by artist Vitaly Illyn also known as Barandash Karandashich of Russia. Copies of Frogg’s book The Mourning Hour are owned by MTV Jackass Star Stephen “Steve-O” Glover and comedian Jim Jefferies.

Art by Vitaly Ilyn :

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