Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/02/20

On Being Nothing

Like a sponge,
I take on poetry, politics,
style, endless talk.
But inside I am nothing.
I am a little black box
with nothing inside.
Waiting to discover
the most cosmic
nothingness of all.
Eventually, we all evaporate,
return our shells to the world around us.
But always, always, the nothing remains.
It abides and fills up all over again
like the endless surroundings
of which it is made.
Nothing to nothing. And so to one.

©2020 Will Mayo All rights reserved.

Will Mayo is the author of Dreams Of MongoliaHoodoo VoodooThe Shells Encasing Our Nothingness, and other books of the extraordinary. He lives with his six-toed black cat in Frederick, Maryland, said by some to be the most haunted city in the state. Most of his writing is done between the hours of 3 a.m. and sunrise. He enjoys wordplay and strange tales, and hopes you do too.

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