Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 11/11/20

But Did It Slip?

The last comment
the final straw

the gatekeeper
the birthday app
a good friend

came into doubt
in the morning

pointed at a map
move to Las Cruces, New Mexico?

changed for work

elevator ride
c’mon get happy
put on a top-floor face

then greensleeves
generous and compassionate

but did it slip,
the antisocial media?

snack time, a good childhood memory
then homeward bound
house arrest
time-off anxiety

aloud in the drugstore

was that someone
who might know?

don’t drink no matter what

don’t be awake
too many hours
in a row

©2020 Douglas Richardson All rights reserved.

Douglas Richardson lives in Santa Ana, California, with his wife, Jen, and cat, Wes. He is the founder of Weak Creature Press. He has been published in a few literary journals over the years and, in 2013, he won the Poetry Super Highway contest with his entry, “Notes from the Graveyard Shift.”

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