Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 12/09/20

I want to vomit up the world

Condemned in my drunken sleep
The starry gavel
Echoes through the universe
I must stand at attention
And face every star
Every planet
And volcano
The ice caps and dust particles
Rivers and soils and trees
All of the pieces of the universe
That somehow turn red
And flow into me
Channeled out though my wounds
The involuntary artery of heaven
Standing on trial, at attention
Now on the operating table
A broken bed
A bar
I must endure the treatment
And as I get dressed to go to dinner
I realize that
The universe is simply
A germ

©2020 Angelo Letizia All rights reserved.

Angelo Letizia is a professor of education. He loves to write poetry, and lives in Maryland.

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